For years the most traditional of wedding elements, the wedding cake as handed down to us through the ages, has been best known as the highly ornamental white confection that takes pride of place at the reception. It is both a symbol of celebration and a good luck wish for the future.

A centrepiece and talking point, the wedding cake is also a symbol of the sharing of joy and happiness and as such, is distributed not only to the wedding party and guests, but to loved ones and relations. For those who could not be present on the day especially, they feel part of it all when that little gift of wedding cake makes its way to them.

Nowadays the wedding cake doesn’t have to strictly adhere to the white centrepiece confection so affectionately remembered by many couples. Today the wedding cake can blend in with the colour scheme and style of the wedding. It can be formal, funny or downright funky!

Many couples take great pleasure in surprising their guests with a cake that can be either fabulously elegant or wonderfully whimsical. Whatever your choice of cake, it is sure to reflect your own style and personality, and as such will be an integral part of your wedding day celebrations.

As far as limits to your dream cake go, there are none! Today’s professionals combine the traditional skills of the confectioner with the most modern technology to enable them to produce creations that range from the deceptively simple to stunning feats of design. Remember to discuss the theme and style of your wedding with your wedding cake specialist.

They will help make your dream a reality! Something old... There is something timeless and irresistible about the classic wedding cake. Here are some examples of the kind of exquisite cakes you can have today. Something new... Who says it has to be white?!

Why not consider something fun and funky. Something borrowed... Inspired by themes of pure art and theatre, these cakes have borrowed ideas from the arts and turned them into a creation in confectionery. Something blue... Sometimes the simplest designs are the best of all.

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